New Adventures with New Friends in the Windy City of Chicago

What an adventure we experienced in the Windy City. Along with one of our other Fountains’ communities from Kalamazoo, Michigan, we enjoyed a perfect day in the City of Chicago! We started the day taking the train into the city, followed by a taxi ride to the World’s Famous Harry Caray’s Restaurant! The food was delicious, the memorabilia all over was fascinating to look at and seeing the residents from the two communities conversing, as if they knew each other forever, was simply amazing! After lunch we went on the Wendella Architectural Boat Ride, along the Chicago River. The history was so interesting that even some of the residents that lived in Chicago learned so much from the boat ride! We then had to say goodbye to our “new friends” from Kalamazoo and head back to the train station. As we were leaving the city, the whole train ride back home, the residents kept sharing how much fun they had! I bet everyone slept great that night!

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